Small (serves 8-12)  Large (serves 16-20)
Lasagna Bolognese $60 $115
Cheese Lasagna $50 $95
Spinach and Wild Mushroom Lasagna $60 $115
Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese (weekend orders only) $55 $105
Macaroni & Cheese $40 $80
Three Cheese Baked Ziti $50 $95
Penne Vodka $50 $95
Eggplant Parmagiana or Rollatini $55 $100
Spanakopita by the piece $6.95 $100
Moussaka $65
Vegan Black Beam & Rice Bake $60 $110
Meat Dishes Price
Tenderloin of Beef with Merlot wine sauce (minimum order of one 5-6 pound tenderloin) serves 8-12 Market Price
Cajun Bistro Filet with Horseradish Sauce (minimum order of one 3 pound) $18.99/lb
Grilled Steakhouse Kebab (1 dozen minimum) $12.95 each
Grilled Steak, Asparagus & Mushrooms Large $165
Sausage & Peppers Small $65 | Large $120
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham (Minimum order of one 5 pound half-ham) $87.00
Boneless Stuffed Pork Loin – with wild mushrooms & baby spinach or Italian style (roasted red peppers, spinach & provolone) -min. order 1 pork loin- approx. 4-5 lb $14.99/lb
Chicken & Turkey Price
(Minimum order of 6 pieces per dish)
All of the following chicken dishes are made with boneless, skinless chicken breast and priced per piece
Chicken Marsala (mushrooms and a marsala wine sauce) $10.95
Greek Style Chicken with Lemon and Garlic $9.50
Grilled Chicken with Fresh Basil and Tomato $9.50
Chicken Parmigiana $10.99
Chicken Sorrento $10.95
Grilled Chicken & Vegetable Kebab – with tzatziki sauce (1 dz minumum) $9.95
Stuffed Chicken Breast (A choice of spinach-ricotta or herb bread, apricot & brie) $12.99
Chile Lime Baked Chicken – A selection of legs, thighs and breasts (5 lb minimum) $11.95/lb
BBQ Chicken – Legs, thighs and breasts. (5 lb minimum) $11.95/lb
Southern Fried Chicken (5 lb minimum) $11.95/lb
Buffalo or Oriental Wings (5 lb minimum and 9-10 wings per pound) $10.95/lb
Seafood  Price
Half Poached Salmon – garnished with greenery & fresh flowers served
with a side of Cucumber Sauce (approx.4lbs)
Grilled Salmon – Your choice of cucumber dill sauce, bruschetta topping or plain. (Minimum order of 6 servings) $15.95/serving
Grilled Swordfish and Vegetable Kebab (1 dozen minimum) $14.95 each
Greek Style Tilapia – with lemon, olive oil and garlic. (Minimum order of 6 servings) $10.95/serving
Spanish Paella w/ Chicken, Shrimp & Chorizo (Please give us 2 business days notice before ordering) Large Pan(16-20 ppl)  $140
Homemade Maryland Crab Cakes – Made with jumbo lump crab meat and served with cocktail sauce. (Minimum order of 6) Market Price
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