Pastas, Sides & Salads

Pasta  Price
Penne Bolognese(Fabulous Italian Pasta Dish!)
sm. $ 60| lg. $115
Tortellini Pesto sm. $60 | lg. $115
Tortellini Pesto with Grilled Chicken sm. $70 | lg. $130
Penne with fresh mozzarella and roasted red pepper sm. $50 | lg. $95
Penne with Grilled Chicken, Fresh Mozzarella and Roasted Red Peppers sm. $60 | lg. $115
Capellini with Fresh Diced Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil sm. $45 | lg. $90
Mini Ravioli with Broccoli and Garlic sm. $60 | lg. $115
Cheese Ravioli with Homemade Marinara Sauce sm. $50 | lg. $95
Penne with chicken and marinara sm. $60 | lg. $115
Sides Price
Corn Pudding sm. $35 | lg. $70
Homemade Mashed Potatoes sm. $35 | lg. $70
Sweet Potato Souffle sm. $35 | lg. $70
Brown Rice with Steamed Vegetables sm. $45 | lg. $90
(There is a 3 pound minimum order for the following side dishes)
Wild Rice Pilaf $8/lb
Herb Roasted Potatoes  $7/lb
Broccoli with Garlic and Olive Oil  $9/lb
Asparagus, Red Peppers and Cashews  $14/lb
Green Beans, Almonds and Red Peppers $9/lb
Stir Fried Assorted Vegetables $12/lb
Corn Moque Choux $9/lb
Balsamic Grilled Vegetables (a fresh assortment of seasonal vegetables grilled to perfection and tossed in a light balsamic glaze. Delicious warm or cold, this side dish is available in a pan for warming or on a party platter) Hot
$12/lb (3lb. min)
sm. $50 | md. $75 | lg. $100
Salads Small Bowl
(serves 4-6)
 Regular Bowl
(serves 8-12)
Large Bowl
(serves 14-25)
Deep Pan
(serves 25+)
Tossed Salad (with tomato, peppers and cucumber) $12 $20 $35 $60
Spring Mix (with balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette) $18 $30 $60 $80
Chicken Spring Mix (with tomato, peppers and cucumber) $25 $45 $70 $100
Caesar Salad (with parmesan, our homemade dressing and croutons) $20 $35 $60 $90
Chicken Caesar Salad (with chicken, parmesan, homemade croutons) $25 $50 $70 $100
Greek Salad (with olives, onions, feta and oregano) $18 $30 $60 $80
Spinach Strawberry (with carrots, pecans, goat cheese, poppy seed dressing, N/A $45 $75 $100
Spinach Cranberry (with walnuts, blue cheese and orange balsamic vinaigrette) $25 $40 $70 $90
Salads by the Pound (minimum order of 2 lb)  Price
Grilled Chicken with Vegetables in a Balsamic Vinaigrette   $10/lb
Cajun Chicken and Pasta $10/lb
Curried Chicken Salad $14/lb
White Meat Chicken Salad $12/lb
Orzo with Vegetables $10/lb
Mexican Layer Salad Sm (serves 8-12) $45
Lg (serves 16-20) $75
Macaroni Salad $7/lb
Egg Salad $8/lb
Garden Potato Salad $7/lb
Seafood Salad $15/lb
Edamame Salad $9/lb
Garden Chickpea $10/lb
Super Salad (Kale & Quinoa Salad) $13/lb
Black Quinoa Salad $13/lb
Asian Noodle $10/lb
Green Bean, Mushroom and Walnut $12/lb
Pasta with Vegetables $10/lb
Tomato & Cucumber Salad with Feta $9/lb
Greek Pasta Salad with Feta and Olives $12/lb
Tabbouleh $10/lb
Garden Lentil Salad $10/lb
Fresh Fruit Salad $10/lb
Coleslaw $7/lb
Tuna Salad $14/lb
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