Hors D’oeuvre

*Looking to add something different to your party menu this year? Olives now offers sushi platters in three sizes. Please inquire when placing order.

Hot Hors d’Oeuvres Price
Minimum of 2 dozen each

Spanakopita Phyllo Triangles – Spinach and feta with herbs and spices baked in a flaky pastry triangle

Seven Layer Dip – A festive vegetarian dip. We suggest serving with tortilla chips$49
Assorted Mini Quiches$24/dozen
Falafel Balls – Served with tsatziki sauce and salsa verde$12/dozen
Sirloin Beef Sliders (Please give us 3 days notice before ordering, Minimum order of 3 dozen )$36/dozen
Jumbo Coconut Shrimp – Served with an apricot dipping sauce$30/dozen
Shrimp wrapped in Bacon – served with a honey mustard dipping sauce$33/dozen
Scallops wrapped in Bacon$33/dozen
Mini Maryland Crab Cakes – Served with cocktail sauce$36/dozen
Cocktail Meatballs – Choice of Italian or Sweet and Sour. (Minimum order of 3 dozen)
Stuffed Mushrooms – Herb bread and mushroom stuffing. (Minimum order of 3 dozen)$16/dozen
Chicken Satay – Skewered Chicken served with spicy peanut sauce$24/dozen
Lollipop Lamb Chops – Tender grilled lamb marinated in olive oil, lemon, garlic and oregano. (Minimum order of 3 dozen)$46/dozen
Vegetable Spring Rolls – Filled with crunchy vegetables and oriental seasonings served with a plum dipping sauce)$12/dozen
Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls – Filled with chicken and a buffalo cheese sauce$22/dozen
Mini Chicken Kebabos – with tzatziki sauce$26/dozen
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms – Stuffed with Jumbo lump crab meatMarket Price
Mini Hotdogs – Pigs in a blanket – the traditional party finger food$15/dozen
Pizza Rustica – Homemade pizza dough stuffed with spinach, prosciutto, mozzarella and provolone cheese and roasted red peppers (Cut into 48 slices, great for parties)$60
Baked Brie in Pastry with Raspberry Sauce – Serves 8-10$59
Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip – Creamy spinach dip with chunks of artichokes. We suggest serving with sliced baguettessm. $30 | lg. $50
Heavenly Hot Crab Dipsm. $45 | lg. $70
Cold Hors d’Oeuvres Price
Minimum of 2 dozen each
Sliced Filet of Beef on Crostini with Boursin Cheese$30/dozen
Fresh Melon wrapped with Prosciutto$24/dozen
Smoked Salmon Canapes$24/dozen
Marinated Ciligene Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato Skewers$18/dozen
Stuffed Grape Leaves – A delicious Greek favorite, these imported grape leaves are stuffed with rice, herbs, olive oil and lemon and garnished with lemon slices. (approx. 16-18 pieces per pound)$10.99/lb