Vegetarian Specials

Vegetarian Specials are a staple of the Olive’s menu. From classic Greek vegetarian dishes like falafel to a number of salads and hot specials, plant based meals are available from Olive’s year round.

Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil (on a Baguette or 7 Grain Roll) $5.95
Veggie Burger Deluxe $6.95
Hummus in Pita (with lettuce & tomato) $5.95
Babaganoush in Pita (with lettuce & tomato) $5.95
Greek Pasta Salad (with baguette) $5.95
Middle Eastern Platter (with pita) $8.95
Greek Salad (with baguette) $5.95
Falafel in Pita (with lettuce & tomato) $5.95
Falafel Platter $5.95
Grape Leaves stuffed with Rice (on a bed of garden salad) $5.95
Santa Monica Wrap (hummus, avocado & sprout in pita) $7.95
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